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Water, Mould and Mildew Proof Basement 


Thinking of a Finishing your basement? This web-page will help educate you on the facts about the different ways you can finish your basement. To start, many homeowners ask why finish my basement? The very simple answer is a properly finished basement will add value to your home. Compared to building "up", (an attic bedroom addition) or building "out" (family room addition) a properly finished basement is an inexpensive way to expand your living area. The web page will help you design your new Finished Basement.

We seamless insulated basement panel. Our Basement panel is water and mold resistant without any added harmful chemicals or retardants. Our basement panels are designed to look like the walls in your home, without any unsightly seams or divider strips. The unique design allows for a class A fire rating with walls that are stronger and more impact resistant then traditional sheet rock.

GTA Basement Systems

What Makes Our Wall System The Best?


Sip Magnesium Panels with Magnesium mineral board, the best known inorganic material that is water proof and mold resistant, unlike gypsum (sheet rock). Magnesium has replaced gypsum (sheetrock) in Europe. In Europe, the uses of magnesium range from interior wall covering to exterior walls and roofs to commercial counter tops.

Magnesium Board - Water and Mold Resistant

Magnesium is a muti purpose, versatile, non-combustible building material. It is hard, inert and paperless construction panel that has superior characteristics over panels made from gypsum, cement, wood and paper particles. Magnesium is environmentally friendly, fire, moisture, heat, mold resistant construction board that insects and rodents can't feed on. Magnesium also gives you a better impact resistant and higher sound attenuate.

Magnesium is a mineral based green builder product, and it is homogenous.

No organic solvents 
No oils or toxic ingredients 
No heavy metal salts 
No asbestos

GTA Basement Systems

Water Proof, Mold Resistant, Mildew Resistant, No Fiberglass Insulation, No Sheetrock, NO DRYWALL


 Insulation - Closed vs Open Cell


Fiberglass insulation consists primarily of air trapped between strands of molten glass as seen under a microscope at 10x. It is an OPEN CELL insulation, since the air pockets are not fully enclosed and air can enter and escape the system freely.

EPS used in GTA Basements Panels is a CLOSED CELL insulation, Air within the system is permanently trapped, giving the EPS its rigidity and preventing any air or moisture leakage whatsoever.

Mold thrives when three factors are present inside wall cavities: air circulation, moisture and a nutrient base. All three factors are typically found in fiberglass- insulated walls.

In other construction methods for basements, moisture gets into the wall cavities and leads to mold growth. Alligator Panels are immune to such mold damage because of their solid construction. With Alligator Panels there is no cavity inside the wall!






What Makes Our Wall System The Best?


Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)



Advantage of EPS Foam 


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or beadboard, has been used as common household insulation since the 1950s. EPS is environmentally friendly as it is not manufactured using CFCs or HCFCs- both ozone-depleting chemicals. In addition to insulation, EPS is commonly used to make coffee cups and packing peanuts for shipping.

GTA Basement Panels share the same structural properties as an I-Beam or I Column. The rigid EPS insulation at the core of an GTA Basement Panel acts as the web, while the Magnesium skin exhibits the same properties as the flanges.




Loads are distributed across the entire panel.

Strong and Durablity 3 to 7 Times Stronger than Conventional Walls

Loads are distributed or carried along the studs and joist, typically at 16"o/c

What Makes Our Wall System The Best? The main benefit of GTA Basements Structural panels is the ability to hang anything in any location. Attaching a screw or nail to the magnesium skin is like attaching to plywood or fastening to a "stud" (2"x4") in an existing wall. You will be able to hang  or to attach anything on them in any location. One can quickly place a screw or a nail in the magnesium skin and hang a picture with ease or a flat scren TV.



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